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Protection for Students with Severe Allergies in British Columbia

The Anaphylaxis Protection Order issued by the BC Minister of Education on September 13, 2007 requires that every school board establish and maintain policies, procedures and staff training in order to ensure the safety of children at risk of anaphylaxis in BC schools. The Ministerial Order can be found on the Ministry of Education website at Next link will open in a new

The British Columbia Anaphylactic and Child Safety Framework issued September 2007 can also be found on the Ministry of Education website - Next link will open in a new The purpose of the Framework is to provide boards of education with a broad overview of the key elements required in district policy to ensure consistent appropriate management of anaphylaxis in the school setting and throughout the education system. The Framework provides guidance and direction to all public schools and is available to all independent schools. The Framework applies to students and preschool age children participating in early learning programs. The Framework is also accessible to the First Nations education system.

The BC Ministry of Education Core Anaphylaxis Resources are available to school administrators, teachers and parents to support the implementation of the British Columbia Anaphylactic and Child Safety Framework and the Anaphylaxis Protection Order. These Core Anaphylaxis Resources are hosted on the BC School Trustees website at Next link will open in a new

All school boards in BC should be looking at either developing a district policy or ensuring that their existing policy meets the requirements outlined in the Ministerial Order and the BC Anaphylactic and Child Safety Framework. Many school boards have already done this.

In order to support the Ministerial Order and the accompanying Anaphylactic and Child Safety Framework, the AAIA BC/Yukon Region has mailed an anaphylaxis resource package to all BC schools and educational programs. This mailing was sponsored by King Pharmaceuticals Canada.

An additional resource, a complementary copy of Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings is being sent to schools in BC by the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (CSACI). It outlines the importance of a school anaphylaxis policy and the elements that need to be included in such a policy, with an emphasis on education and prevention. Excerpts from this handbook can be found at Next link will open in a new (A copy of this handbook is being sent to all public schools across Canada.)

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