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Urgent! Support Food Allergen Ingredient Labelling Regulations

Please read and respond to the following letter from Allergic Living. Now is the time to push for passage of this legislation!

Show Your Support: Food Allergen Label Law

Dear Friends,

Your help is urgently needed. We need your voice to tell the Government of Canada that it must pass the food label legislation that it promised 2 years ago.

This legislation would require all food package labels to clearly and thoroughly list the top 10 priority allergens and gluten among ingredients.

In July 2008, following Allergic Living’s write-in campaign of 4,000 letters, the federal government announced it would push ahead with new regulations. We all greeted this as great news. After a long consultation process, the regulations were ready in February. But still they are not law, still there are no firm answers on “when” they will become law.

Now, Allergic Living has learned that the regulations will expire by the year’s end if not passed. This will mean starting the whole process – a decade in the making – again from scratch. This is unconscionable!

Please join Allergic Living, Anaphylaxis Canada, AAIA, the Canadian Celiac Association, and other concerned groups by writing a letter (send by e-mail or mail) to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Also send copies to the Health Minister, your own MP, and President of the Treasury Board. (Contacts are below.)

Your voice, and your stories of how important accurate food labels are to you and your family, will make a difference. Together, we can make this happen. The government must hear that this legislation is not optional – these regulations are essential, and will in fact save lives.

See further information on the food label regulations and this campaign here:
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Please get your friends and family to write, too. Thank you so much for your action and your support!

Gwen Smith, Editor
Allergic Living magazine

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