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The AAIA welcomes Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Foods

The AAIA welcomes Guardian Angel, our new corporate sponsor. Guardian Angel produces a wide variety of baked goods that are free of peanut, nut, dairy, and egg. These delicious products are now available in the freezer section of grocery stores in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Julie La Rochelle founded Guardian Angel in April 2007. Her first child, Charles-Antoine, has food allergies so she knows the challenges faced by families of food allergic children when they shop for food.

All Guardian Angel products are certified by CAC to be free of four common allergens: peanuts, almonds, milk and eggs.

I can attest that these products are delicious because we were treated to samples of Guardian Angel desserts at our Ottawa conference two years ago. Guardian Angel also provided muffins for our Whitby Run, which I attended. When I purchased a Guardian Angel cake for my allergic son’s 28th birthday, I was struck by the thought that it was first time I had ever purchased a cake that was safe for him to eat. While I love to bake, it was quite a treat to try something new that someone else had made!

For more information about Guardian Angel products, where you can purchase them and to sign up for their newsletter, visit Next link will open in a new

Note: Guardian Angel products have been certified K Pareve which means that they are Kosher and do not contain any meat or dairy.

Mary Allen
Chief Executive Officer
1 October 2009

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