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Matching Gifts

An Easy and Cost-free way to Double or Triple your gift!

You may be able to double the amount of your contributions to Allergy/Asthma Information Association if you work for an organization that has an employee matching gifts program. Many companies across Canada encourage their employees and directors to support eligible non-profit organizations that reflect their personal interests and concerns.

Here's how it works. The company will match individual contributions that meet matching gift guidelines with a minimum contribution that may be as little as $25. All you have to do is contact the corporate matching gifts coordinator in your organization (usually in the Personnel or Public Relations department). They will be able to tell you if gifts to AAIA are eligible and provide you with the necessary details.

Each company has its own guidelines. Depending on your organization's program, your recent donations may be eligible as well. Funds are often disbursed on a quarterly basis. This provides AAIA with a valuable source of income to fund our education and advocacy programs. Together, we can make Canada a safer place for those affected by allergies, asthma and anaphylaxis.

List of Matching Gift Companies

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