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By Kelly Prsa, Windsor, Ontario

You'll find as you go along there are many issues to consider that may be easily overlooked by school officials such as:

  1. JK / SK & New Student Registration - besides asking if the child has allergies it should also be discussed & a handout provided to reinforce the existing school policy with clear expectations
  2. Field Trips / Sports Teams - ensure medication is with the student or teacher / school representative, ensure the person responsible is aware of child allergies & able to recognize signs of a reaction & provide treatment
  3. Fun Days / Fundraiser - assist with planning, offer suggestions, provide names of companies that supply peanut/nut free products
  4. Lunch Monitors / Outside Supervision - ensure supervision staff can easily identify anaphylactic children (perhaps carry binder with pictures) & that they are able to provide treatment - suggest walkie talkie radios with one being held in main office for emergencies
  5. Monthly Newsletter - place a note every month regarding the school policy & reasons it's in place
  6. Posters - large, laminated posters (available through AAIA) on classroom doors & entrances
  7. Office - pictures of students posted
  8. Supply or Substitute Teachers - ensure they are aware of children in their class & verify training
  9. Bus - ensure epi-pen available on bus for emergencies (must be on student) & ensure bus drivers are trained
  10. Review school policy & meet with entire staff - what to do in an emergency & how to recognize symptoms of a reaction
  11. Offer education nights for parents, periodically send home info on allergies / asthma
  12. Parent / Teacher Interview nights set up a booth & provide handouts to parents

from Allergy & Asthma News, Issue 3 2005

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