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Travel with Allergies

Should Pets Travel with People on Passenger Flights?

by Dr. Donald F. Stark, Vancouver, BC

A Lifetime of Experiences

by Erika Ladouceur


by Dr. Antony Ham Pong, Ottawa

New translation cards help travellers with allergies

Food may be a universal language, but when something gets lost in translation, the consequences can be devastating — and not just for your palate. [read more...]

Traveling with Allergies

by Robin Bayley

Air Travel Accessibility and the Allergic

Over the past year or two the AAIA has received a number of complaints from allergic air travelers. Most of these complaints relate to peanut and nut allergy although some were concerned with the practice of allowing pets in the cabin. [read more...]

Airport Security Alert: What Allergic Passengers Need to Know

Because of recent increases in security measures in airports, no liquids or gels of any kind will be permitted in carry-on baggage. [read more...]

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