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Scope of practice for BC Naturopaths

The Government of British Columbia is proposing significant amendments to the allergy section of the Naturopathic Physicians Regulation. This document can be found at Next link will open in a new

Canadian medical associations and allergy associations have expressed their concerns about this expanded "scope of practice" in a joint letter to the Minister of Health Services in BC. (See the letter to the Honourable George AbbottScope of practice for BC Naturopaths (PDF version will open in a new window)) This expanded scope of practice would allow naturopaths to conduct challenge testing and desensitizing treatment for allergies. This raises the concern that patient safety will be compromised. We believe that this type of diagnosis and treatment should only be performed by properly trained and properly qualified allergists.

This is an important issue for AAIA and its members because we wish to protect patients and promote the evidence-based diagnosis and treatment of allergy. We have come a long way in recent decades in this regard and we see the proposed BC legislation as a step backwards. We encourage you to write to the Minister of Health Services and your MLA at the contact information provided below. The most effective letters are those written in your own words in support of the importance of obtaining diagnosis and treatment of allergy from medical specialists who are members of the BC Society of Allergy and Immunology. As this is an urgent matter, we ask that people write as quickly as possible in order to have your concerns heard.

Write to:

The Honourable George Abbott
Minister of Health Services
Ministry of Health Services
Government of British Columbia
PO Box 9050
Victoria, BC  V8W 9E2

or e-mail the Minister of Health Services, The Honourable George Abbott at

Also write to or copy your letter to your Member of the Legislative Assembly. See the contact information for your MLA at

Please forward a copy of your letter or letters to the Allergy/Asthma Information Association at .

Vancouver Sun opinion piece Feburary 26, 2009 from five AllerGen NCE members
Next link will open in a new window"To endorse naturopathy is to reject science"

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