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New Brunswick School Policy #704

By Gloria Shanks, AAIA Atlantic Regional Coordinator

New Brunswick School Policy # 704 (Health Support Services) was established in 1997 to define standards and procedures required for the provision of health support services to students while they are the responsibility of the public education system, recognizing this responsibility is shared among parents, the public school system and health care providers.

The policy was revised in 2004 to include the provision of a training session on anaphylactic shock to be held at the beginning of each school year. Efforts shall be made to include the parents in the training. The Allergy/ Asthma Information Association (AAIA) Anaphylaxis Reference Kit MUST be used for the training and the session must cover the auto injector administration and the emergency plan to be put in place. Training MUST be delivered to all staff, including the principal, teachers, school day care personnel, bus drivers, custodians, lunchroom supervisors, resource staff and any casual employee, including substitute teachers present in the school at the time of the training session.

A licensing agreement between AAIA and the New Brunswick Department of Education to provide New Brunswick public schools with the "Anaphylaxis Reference Kit" for the sole purpose of training school staff was signed and became effective on September 5, 2006.

Since the above date AAIA and it's trained volunteers have been implementing the "Train the Trainer" program within the New Brunswick school system. Bilingual trainers are available to accommodate the two official languages of NB. Trainers go to specific school districts where two or three designated staff from each school in the district congregate for the training. Each training session lasts for two hours or more and complete training is given including the administration of the auto injector. The staff then is responsible to go back to their respective schools and implement the training and to make sure the training session is given at the beginning of each school year.

Thus far the "Train the Trainer" program has been given in several school districts to hundreds of participants. It will continue until all school districts have received the training. AAIA has made itself available for consultation on the training if school staff after receiving the initial "Train the Trainer" feel they need more training or more information.

The AAIA "Train the Trainer" program has been well received and AAIA has received many positive responses to the training program and the necessity of the training program in the public school system.

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from Allergy & Asthma News, Issue 2 2007

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