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AsthmaAsthma: The Facts (PDF version will open in a new window)
Dust, Pet and Mold AllergiesDust, Pet and Mold Allergies (PDF version will open in a new window)
AnaphylaxisAnaphylaxis: A Life Threatening Allergy (PDF version will open in a new window)
Peanut and Nut Allergies [Page 1][Page 2]Peanut and Nut Allergies: The Facts (PDF version will open in a new window)
Egg AllergyEgg Allergy: The Facts (PDF version will open in a new window)
Milk AllergyMilk Allergy: The Facts (PDF version will open in a new window)

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The AAIA provides a variety of products and publications of interest to people who live with allergies, asthma and anaphylaxis. We offer them in the hope that they will improve your quality of life. Proceeds support our mission.

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Educational Kits

RE01 AAIA Anaphylaxis Reference Kit
AAIA Anaphylaxis Reference Kit
This resource kit is for people who wish to make an informative presentation about anaphylaxis (i.e., potentially life-threatening allergies). The materials are geared for a person without a medical background. This free download consists of Speaker's notes as well as a PowerPoint slide deck.
The anaphylactic reference kit must be used as is, no changes allowed and AAIA is not liable for any changes to the material.
- Speaker's notes
- PowerPoint slide deck
RE04 AAIA Asthma Reference Kit
AAIA Asthma Reference Kit
This educational tool is for those who work with children and youth to improve the management of asthma. This resource kit will enable a person without a medical background to make an informative presentation about asthma. The kit contains a book of suggested Speaker's notes as well as a PowerPoint CD.

RE07 "Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings" Manual
“Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings” Manual
Third Edition Anaphylaxis consensus document outlines anaphylaxis, the importance of an anaphylaxis school policy and the elements that need to be included in such a policy. Published by the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in consultation with the patient associations.
RE08 The Complete Kid's Allergy and Asthma Guide
The Complete Kid's Allergy and Asthma Guide -
Written by Dr. Milton Gold

Gives parents a comprehensive, authoritative guide with commonsense guidelines, recommendations and tips on dealing with the asthmatic condition and multiple allergic problems of children. Developed in collaboration with The Hospital for Sick Children, this book provides the most up-to-date, expert advice available, with easy-to-read information about every aspect of allergy and asthma.
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Trainers and Carriers

TC01 EpiPen® Trainer (new format)
Trainer for New Format EpiPen®
Teach yourself, family, friends and caregivers to safely and effectively use the new format EpiPen®. Please visit Next link will open in a new to find out about the design improvements. Use it over and over again until the person feels comfortable with the technique. The Trainer does not have medication or a needle and works the same as a real EpiPen®.
Carrying case for autoinjector. Made of heavy duty nylon, water resistant, lightweight, clip and loop for belt or pocket, Velcro closure.
TC04 Ana-Tote Single
Ana-Tote™ Single
holds 1 auto injector in tube container. Belt not included.
Currently out of stock
TC05 Ana-Tote Twin
Ana-Tote™ Twin
holds 2 auto injectors or an autoinjector and antihistamines or inhaler. Belt not included.
TC06 Belt for use with single or double Ana-Tote
Belt for use with single or double Ana-Tote
2 Sizes: Small fits 19 - 34” and Large fits 26 - 44”. Black only. 1” wide. Does not include Ana-Tote.
TC08 Allercase
A versatile carrying case which securely holds an asthma inhaler plus antihistamine medication. Belt included.
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CB01 Free of Allergens - Full of Flavor
Free of Allergens - Full of Flavor
A cookbook prepared by AAIA Prairies. Contains over 250 milk-free, egg-free and peanut/nut free recipes.
CB02 Cookies Naturally
Cookies Naturally
Has allergy-free cookies of all kinds, for any occasion. No worry about dairy, just use a dairy-free margarine. Trouble with refined sugar? Our recipes are naturally sweetened. Can't have eggs? No one will ever guess you used a flax seed substitute. Chocolate or wheat off limits? We tell you what to do! Needing ideas for a birthday cake? Why not surprise that special someone with a GIANT cookie instead? The odd recipe with nuts, simply avoid. There are lots of others to chose from. Enjoy making and munching on cookies, naturally!
CB03 Muffins From The Heart
Muffins From The Heart
Peach, pear, pumpkin, you name it, whatever kind of muffin you like, we have it. Whether you are dairy, sugar, egg or wheat sensitive, these recipes are for you. The odd recipe with nuts, simply avoid. Ask mom or dad if you can help make your favourite muffin.
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BK01 Alexander Goes to a Birthday Party
Stories from the Heart:
Essays by Parents of Children with Food Allergies

Readers will appreciate the insight and collective wisdom of those who have “been there ...”.
BK02 Allergy Avoidance in The Home
Allergy Avoidance in The Home
A self-help guide for allergy and asthma sufferers, contains great home improvement tips.
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Storybooks for Children

BK28 The Best Audience
The Best Audience
It's an exciting day for the children in Mrs. Miller's Grade 1 class. A guest speaker has come to teach them about food allergies. The eager students learn about the top eleven food allergens; avoidance strategies; symptoms of an allergic reaction; and basic emergency protocol; including how to use an auto-injector. A beautifully illustrated educational tool for Kindergarten to Grade 3.
BK05 Alexander's First Plane Ride
Alexander's First Plane Ride
Alexander's friend, Kiri the kea bird, invites him to come visit her, and Alex can't wait to go on his very first plane ride! This book outlines the special steps Alex and his family take to manage his food allergy on this trip.
BK06 Alexander's First Babysitter
Alexander's First Babysitter
Alexander, the Elephant Who Couldn't Eat Peanuts, finds out that he is getting a babysitter and isn't sure how he'll take care of his food allergy. After his family teaches his babysitter about food allergies, Alexander soon discovers just how much fun having a babysitter can be!
BK07 Alexander and His Pals Visit the Main Street School
Alexander and His Pals Visit the Main Street School
Take a bus ride with Alexander as he and his friends teach children food allergy tips for staying safe. Provides parents with an opportunity for discussion and to develop their own family strategies for food allergy management.
BK08 Alexander Goes to a Birthday Party
Alexander Goes to a Birthday Party
Join Alexander as he anxiously looks forward to attending his friend's birthday party. He packs his own food, enjoys the games, and blends caution with fun as he take the reader through this special event.
BK09 Alexander Goes Out to Eat
Alexander Goes Out to Eat
Alexander has always wanted to go out to eat in a restaurant, and he finally gets his chance! Readers will love learning about how he manages his food allergies on this occasion.
BK10 Alexander Goes Trick or Treating
Alexander Goes Trick or Treating
Halloween is every child's magic holiday as they go door to door collecting special treats. Alexander and his friends show how to manage food allergies while doing so.
BK11 Alexander's Special Holiday Treat
Alexander's Special Holiday Treat
Young readers are sure to identify with Alexander (an elephant who has a peanut allergy) and why he feels different from his classmates, especially during the holidays. But, as readers will soon learn, being different can be a big plus!
BK12 Always Be Prepared
Always Be Prepared
Alexander and his pals are worried about their friend Jake, who is allergic to eggs. Jake doesn't always carry his medicine in case he has an allergic reaction. When he has a reaction and doesn't have any medicine, everyone learns why it's important to always be prepared!
BK13 How Lenny Found Out About His Food Allergy
How Lenny Found Out About His Food Allergy
Tag along with Lenny the Lion as he goes to the doctor for a skin test to find out why he's been feeling ill. Great for calming pre-doctor appointment jitters!
BK14 Lenny Learns About Food Labels
Lenny Learns About Food Labels
Alexander the Elephant's friend, Lenny the Lion, is disappointed when his favourite snack suddenly becomes off limits because a “contains milk” warning was added to the label. He and his family learn the importance of reading food labels and set off on a mission to find a new favourite snack.
BK15 Susie's Sister Has a Food Allergy
Susie's Sister Has a Food Allergy
Susie the seal is jealous of all the attention her sister Sally gets because of her fish allergy. Susie thinks she will have more fun without her sister around. She soon realizes that life without her sister isn't so fun, and having food allergies isn't so bad.
BK16 The Peanut Butter Jam
The Peanut Butter Jam
A hardcover children's storybook providing insight into life with a peanut allergy with a realistic account of what can happen during an anaphylactic reaction and how a well prepared school can respond. For ages 3+.
BK18 A Preschooler's Guide to Peanut Allergy
A Preschooler's Guide to Peanut Allergy
Four year old Megan is trying to understand what having a peanut allergy is all about. Ages 2 - 6.
BK19 Cody The Allergic Cow
Cody The Allergic Cow
“Cody” helps children learn about milk allergies and how to recognize an allergic reaction.
BK20 Allie the Allergic Elephant
Allie the Allergic Elephant
“Allie” teaches children (and adults) about allergic reactions, how peanuts hide in the most unsuspecting foods and helps everyone understand the severity of food allergies.

Books appropriate for children aged 7-11.

BK21 Anthony Goes to a Restaurant
Anthony Goes to a Restaurant
Ten year old Anthony has a walnut allergy and is going to a restaurant and ordering for himself for the first time! Readers will learn how he and his parents prepare for his big night out. This book highlights steps for choosing a restaurant, chef cards, identifying high risk foods, and questions to ask wait staff and managers.
BK26 Kim Learns How to Take Care of Herself
Kim Learns How to Take Care of Herself
Kim is fed up with having food allergies & eczema, and having to deal with her classmate Robbie's teasing. When she learns she and Robbie must perform in a gymnastics show together, she decides that she wants her skin to clear up for the big day. But can she stick to her treatments? Read the story to find out!
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PT01 EpiPen« PosterPT01 EpiPen® Poster (new format - English)
EpiPen® Poster
Pictures and text describe use of EpiPen® autoinjector in 3 easy steps. available in either English or French.
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Buttons, Stickers and Patches

BP02 I Carry Epipen
I Carry Epipen
A sew on alert patch with a picture of an actual Epipen. Size 3½”x 5” in a blue background. Great for school bags, jackets, hats and lunch bags.
BP03 Peanut/Nut Safe Zone sticker
Peanut/Nut Safe Zone Sticker
Sticker size 3x5
BP05 Food Allergy Alert Sticker
Food Allergy Alert Sticker
The sticker reads “Severe Allergy Alert - Do not feed me until you ask my parents”. Great for those who do not want to put a button on their toddler.
Package of 10.
Invaluable for children with food allergies.












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