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Pressure Cooking: The tool chefs need for special diets

Dietician Wendy Busse of Alberta has made this video to illustrate how a pressure cooker can be used in restaurants to make meals for food-allergic customers. The major advantage is that all ingredients go into one pot, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination (cross-contact) with allergens in the kitchen. The pressure cooker could be reserved for special meals and kept thoroughly clean. It is possible to cook a complete meal very quickly using this approach.

Restaurants are often challenged by special diet requests — especially allergen-free meals, because the consequence of a mistake can be very serious. Pressure cooking is a convenient way to prepare individual meals quickly and safely.

"Pressure Cooking: The Tool Chefs need for Special Diets" from Wendy Busse, M.Sc., Registered Dietitian.

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