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Information for Schools

Education about anaphylaxis and asthma is of special interest to those who work with children in schools and recreational settings. They can help reduce exposure to allergens, recognize the signs of a reaction and make sure that appropriate treatment is promptly delivered. It is imperative that they have a good understanding of anaphylaxis and asthma since avoidance of triggers and a quick response in emergencies are crucial. Education of caregivers can make a world of difference, leading to an improved quality of life and a reduction in the number of preventable deaths.

Tools for Schools

Pets in Schools

by Dr. Robert Schellenberg, M.D., F.R.C.P. (C), Professor, Dept. of Medicine, UBC, Head of the Division of Allergy & Immunology at UBC and St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Back to School – Safely!

A checklist for students, parents, administrators and teachers.

Tips for a Safe Return to School

More useful tips...

Are Anaphylaxis Policies in Place at Your Child's School?

by Yvonne Rousseau, AAIA BC/Yukon Regional Coordinator

Back to school with asthma & anaphylaxis

For most of us, this means returning to a normal life. We only have to prepare our clothes, dig up our notes and make sure we have all our supplies. Everything seems as it should be, ready for a successful first day in school or at the day care. [read more...]

Back to school resources

Educator’s and caregiver’s resources on asthma and anaphylaxis. Here are your resources for a variety of back-to-school planning needs. They are vital resources you cannot do without. [read more...]

Teen Talk: Options for Carrying your Pens & Puffers

Carrying medications for allergy and asthma (puffers and auto-injectors) everywhere you go is an ongoing responsibility and THE most important safeguard but it can be a drag at times! [read more...]

New Brunswick School Policy #704

by Gloria Shanks, AAIA Atlantic Regional Coordinator

Alberta School Board Association Anaphylaxis Policy Advisory and Allergy and Anaphylaxis Informational Response (AAIR)

The Alberta School Board Association recognized the need for a consistent approach to dealing with severe allergies (anaphylaxis) in the school setting. [read more...]

Protection for Students with Severe Allergies in British Columbia

British Columbia school districts are required to develop and implement anaphylaxis policies that meet new, rigorous provincial standards... [read more...]

Food-Free Classrooms

by Rebecca Bird, Pointe Claire, Quebec

Get Involved & Stay Involved

by Kelly Prsa, Windsor, Ontario

Multiple Severe Food Allergies and Our School-Age Child

by Nancy Berman, AAIA member, Montreal, Quebec

Making Our School Allergy Smart - Our Experience

by Ken, Helena and Brandon Pope, AAIA members, Brampton, Ontario

Food for Thought

by Elaine Pollard, AAIA member, St. Albert, Alberta

Severe Allergies: What's that?

Tales of our first encounter with the New Brunswick school system.
by Richard Gauthier, former AAIA Board Member, Dieppe, New Brunswick

Discrimination in Daycare Due to Allergies

by Krista Wiebe, Winnipeg, Manitoba

School policies and protocols

Many schools and school boards across Canada have developed or are in the process of developing policies for the management of anaphylaxis at school. What do you want to see in school protocols for allergy and asthma management? [read more...]

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