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Options for Carrying your Pens & Puffers

Carrying medications for allergy and asthma (puffers and auto-injectors) everywhere you go is an ongoing responsibility and THE most important safeguard but it can be a drag at times! It helps if you can carry them in the same manner all the time so that there is less chance you’ll forget them. For example, a flexible pencil case can usually carry a couple of puffers as well as an auto-injector or two. Your name, address and phone number should be on a card inside. The pencil case can go into a roomy pants pocket or into a back pack, fanny pack or purse. At home keep the meds in the same spot so that you don’t waste time searching for them when you should be at the bus stop.

However you carry your meds, don’t keep them a secret! Be sure your friends, workmates, team members and others know that you are allergic and let them know where they can find your medications in an emergency. And be sure to teach friends and co-workers how to use an auto-injector!

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