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Tips to reduce mold exposure

  1. Keep humidity down, preferably below 50%. Dehumidify your basement.
  2. Use a fan in bathroom that exhausts outdoors and use mold inhibiting paints in bathrooms and other damp areas.
  3. Don't hang damp clothing inside the house.
  4. Vent clothes dryer outside.
  5. Avoid having many plants inside the house.
  6. Remove fallen leaves around home in the fall.
  7. Wash tiles and grout in bathroom frequently. Use a bleach solution to remove visible mold.
  8. Avoid frequent use of home mist vaporizers.
  9. Clean refrigerator drip pans, air conditioner coils and dehumidifier reservoirs frequently.
  10. Avoid carpets (especially in basements) and repair any water damage immediately.

from Allergy & Asthma News, Issue 1 2005

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