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We are currently looking for volunteers from the following categories. Interested? Contact us at or call your regional coordinator today

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PROMOTE DONATIONS. As a federally registered charity, the AAIA will provide receipts for any gift of $15 or more. If someone wishes to make a donation, use copies of our donation formAAIA donation form (PDF version will open in a new window). Invite the person to fill it out and send it with his/her donation to the AAIA national office. Kindly thank the donor on our behalf. Remind donors that they can Next link will open in a new windowdonate online as well.

Community Volunteers

We need to start more support groups across Canada. This is an enriching experience and a chance to promote your skills while providing support for families and friends. Your regional coordinator can help you get your group started and become the AAIA leader in your community.

General Volunteers

We wish to find a new person or two to help write our newsletter. You can submit recipes, start a column on easy ways of coping with allergies, send in interviews or in-depth articles. Sharpen your pencil. Your words could eventually be posted on our Web site.

Professional Volunteers

We are calling upon translators from English into French to be able to continue to offer our newsletter, our documentation and our programs nationally.

Virtual Volunteers

We are revamping the section of this Web site reserved to volunteers. Now, assistance from virtual volunteers would be greatly appreciated. You can write, translate, monitor discussion forums, contests and queries. Help us share information across Canada and reach out to the world!

For more information, contact us.
View our volunteer brochure (front)AAIA volunteer brochure (front) (PDF version will open in a new window)
View our volunteer brochure (back)AAIA volunteer brochure (back) (PDF version will open in a new window)

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